Common Questions about Electric Pet Fencing

pet fence systemGeneral FAQ about Pet Fencing Systems

Is Pet Stop® of North Illinois associated with Invisible Fence®, Petsafe®, Innotek®, Dogwatch®, Dog Guard®  or ANY other electric pet fencing brand other than Pet Stop®?

Pet Stop® of Northern Illinois provides service on other brands but exclusively provides Pet Stop® brand electric pet fencing.

What makes Pet Stop® different from other competitors?

Pet Stop®’s story is a great one.  Founded in the early 1990s when the primary industry patent expired, Pet Stop® then recruited the founder of Invisible Fence® and the former Invisible Fence® chief Engineer to redefine the industry’s limits.  The US made down to the circuit board, Pet Stop® products can mimic most competitor brands for ease of usage in a wide range of conditions and for a wide range of pet personalities.

Do you have indoor pet containment systems as well?

We offer indoor disks for portability and can hardwire indoors as needed.

Electric Pet FencingDog Fence Training FAQ

How old or big must my pet be to be trained to the fence?

A 12 week old pup is usually ready for our fence!

Will the correction hurt my pet?

The correction is strong enough to deter excited decisions but won’t hurt your dog.

How long will it take to train my dog to the new fence?

Most dogs are off leash by 7-14 days, supervising for a few more weeks.

Can I use an underground fence for my aggressive dog?

Unless we are supporting an existing fence for added security, dogs with aggression issues are not good candidates for underground wired dog fences, of any sort.

Dog Fence TrainingElectronic Pet Fence Product FAQ

Are your products compatible with other systems?

Yes, Pet Stop® products can mimic PetSafe®, Invisible Fence®, Dogwatch® and DogGuard® signals when needed, to allow choices not usually available with those brands.

Are your products water resistant?

Yes, and warranted against water damage.  Some manufacturers claim water proof and some say water resistant.  Products in this industry are all – similarly- only as waterproof as the rubber grommet sealing the battery hole, regardless of claim.